As the top priority of daily life, the kitchen is a place that is easy to become messy. It makes the space become smaller, and there is no room for turning around. It also makes the condiment bottles, tableware and kitchen utensils have no place to stay. There are so many things in the kitchen and how to store them so that the kitchen looks neat and easy to use. Today, we are sharing some simple and practical kitchen storage examples to easily solve the problem of kitchen storage.

Don’t waste the small gap between the refrigerator and the cabinet and the wall. Customize a small shelf. The gap between the cabinet and the floor is also a corner that everyone can easily ignore. The structure near the pool is special, which often affects our storage of debris. We can make a small pull cabinet at the edge of the sink. It doesn’t need much space. It just puts down the sponge and the dishwashing brush. More tricks, just check out below ideas.

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